Къщата на Стивън Кинг или Където властват церберите

Както мнозина от вас навярно знаят, домът на известния като "литературното чудовище на Америка" Стивън Кинг се намира в Бангор, щата Мейн. Това, което може би не знаете, е, че точният адрес е 47 West Broadway и на него почти целогодишно се стичат тълпи от туристи, жадни да снимат това архитектурно произведение на изкуството. А защо точно произведение на изкуството? Погледнете прекрасната, аргистично оформена порта с това, което мнозина автори и по-специално Джорж Бийм, биограф на Кинг, определят като "цербери." Цялата ограда, включително и железните орнаментални скулптури са ръчно изработени от Тери Стийл, който

This photo shows the excellent Wrought iron work outside King's house in Bangor. It was started in 1981 and completed 2 years later. The entire fence, including ornamental statues was hand made by Terry Steel after he was commissioned by Stephen King.

An excellent photo of the King's residence in Bangor. It is locally known as the William Arnold House and was built in 1858 for the princely sum of $7,000

Source: Andre Girard's Stephen King page. Used with permission.

Source: Andre Girard's Stephen King page. Used with permission.
A photo from inside the fence. The first floor of the cylindrical tower is Tabatha's office, while Stephen uses a room at the rear, above the swimming pool's dressing rooms. There was a rumour that a ghost haunted the living room of the house, even after the King'




The surrounding neighborhood is way more inviting than I would have thought. The houses are all large and expensive-looking, but they’re close to the street, which is itself wide and open, and a public sidewalk does what public sidewalks do directly in front of them. I totally see the appeal of living in the place. It’s highly accessible, and you can go there without feeling like the neighborhood watch is burning sideways 8’s into your back with binoculars.

Stephen King’s house is red with white trim, old enough to look historic, and absolutely towers over you. Despite that last, it does look smaller than you’d think it would from the front, but it reaches back far enough that you can’t mistake it as anything but a mansion. It’s also in complete full view and not at all hidden behind the small wrought-iron gate that envelopes the place. Speaking of which, Robert Frost once wrote something about cool fences making cool neighbors, so based on just that, King must be a hit at the neighborhood yard sales. It’s also a big reason why this house’s appearance is so notable. Spiders, bat-winged creatures, and a three-headed reptile all decorate the black wrought-iron in natural and subtle ways. And by natural and subtle I mean not annoying. It’s exactly something you’d hope a nice guy steeped in horror stories would do to his house. Acknowledge who he is without megaphoning it around.